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Youth Clay Target Shooting and the Scholastic Clay Target Program in Iowa

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New Pioneer Gun Club SCTP Team Information

General Information

Why Join a Youth Clay Target Shooting Program?

Safety Information 

How Much Will it Cost to Get My Child Started and What Equipment is Needed?

Information About the Scholastic Clay Target Program

New Pioneer Gun Club SCTP Team Information
For information on the Des Moines Area Clay Crushers, contact head coach Guy Thomas at guy.thomas@mchsi.com

Why Join a Youth Clay Target Shooting Program? 

Here are just a few reasons to get involved:

  • Clay target shooting develops responsibility in handling and caring for shotguns and ammunition.  

  • Clay shooting develops mental skills such as focus and concentration that carry over into all parts of life.  

  • You don't have to be fast or strong to excel in shooting - some of the best shooters are poor athletes!  

  • Shooting is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family.


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Safety Information for the Clay Target Sports 
Clay target shooting continues to be one of the safest activities kids can participate in.  Statistics show that shooting is far safer than football, basketball, soccer and even volleyball.  However, it is the responsibility of youth team leaders to make sure this impeccable safety record remains intact.  Please review the following safety guidelines for the clay target sport you are coaching.  It is highly recommended to start each and every practice by conducting a safety briefing with your students. 

Skeet Shooting Safety          Sporting Clays Safety          Trap Shooting Safety              

Note:  In addition to the safety rules in the documents above, youth shooters may not wear open-toed shoes and shotgun barrels may not be rested on any part of the foot.  SCTP skeet participants must load only one shell at a time unless attempting doubles.

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How Much Will it Cost To Get My Child Started in Clay Target Shooting and What Equipment is Needed? 
To be honest, clay target shooting is not the cheapest sport available to youth but is also not the most expensive activity kids can participate in.  It is probably simplest to compare the cost of shooting to that of golf.  Many kids get started in golf with a basic set of golf clubs including a driver, 3-wood a long, middle and short iron and a putter.  Shooting is similar in that basic, used shotguns are also available at sporting goods stores and premium equipment is not necessary to get started.  Much like paying "green fees" to play golf, shooting facilities are paid for targets used in practice and competition.  In addition to a shotgun and target fees, eye and ear protection, shotgun ammunition and a shooting pouch or vest to hold the ammunition are required accessories.  Below is a breakdown of necessary equipment costs and an estimate of how much it will cost to participate in a season of shooting.  Actual costs may vary depending on your local club's fundraising efforts club-owned guns and equipment and other subsidies.  

Youth Clay Target Shooting Cost Estimates and Necessary Equipment

Below are some discipline-specific equipment guidelines on purchasing shotguns, ammunition and choke selection for new shooters.  If you are looking for one gun to shoot all three games with, consider a field gun or sporting clays gun with interchangeable choke tubes.

Equipment Recommendations for Beginning Skeet Shooters

Equipment Recommendations for Beginning Sporting Clays Shooters

Equipment Recommendations for Beginning Trap Shooters

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About The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP)
The Scholastic Clay Target Program is sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation along with its partners the Amateur Trapshooting Association, the National Skeet Shooting Association and the National Sporting Clays Association.  The program focus is on teams and the program goals are as follows:

  1. SAFE and Responsible Handling and Use of Firearms

  2. Character and Citizenship Development through Teamwork

  3. Introduction to a Lifetime Sport that Families can Enjoy Together

Teams are lead by an adult coach and have the opportunity to compete in the disciplines of skeet, sporting clays and trapshooting.  Competitive divisions are divided by age group and skill level to ensure teams are competing against balanced age divisions and skill levels.

Click here to view a short video clip on the Scholastic Clay Target Program

For more information on SCTP in Iowa, please visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.

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